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Charles Cramer Workshops: Digital Printing for the Fine Art Photographer
Short version: If your goal is the finest possible prints of your work, Charles Cramer can teach you how to make them.

After some years of never succeeding in making the best possible prints, in November of 2012 I attended a week-long workshop with Charles Cramer, to learn how to print digital images. This workshop was a revelation. Without reservation I can say that I learned more—by far—in the five days with Charlie than than in any other five days of my life.

Charlie's approach adapts that pioneered by Ansel Adams in distinction between a photographic negative and prints made from it: The digital RAW capture is the analogue of a musical score, and the print is the analogue of the musical performance. For this reason, Charlie spends most of teaching on how to prepare a digital image so that prints made from it express what one wants to convey.

Charlie illustrates his approach in the video
ColorEyes Display Pro Monitor Calibration Software
To ensure that what I see on my digital display matches (as closely as possible) what come out of my printer, I use ColorEyes Display Pro to profile and calibrate my displays.
ImagePrint printing software, by ColorByte Software
ImagePrint produces optimize printing to Epson inkjet printers. It has a vast library of custom-built printing profiles, for all of the papers of (it seems) all paper manufacturers. For a given printer (I use an Epson 3880) and paper, custom built profiles are provided to yield the best possible print, for a range of lighting conditions in which the print will be displayed.

Mark Dubovoy, at PhotoAesthetics has created a 17 minute video of a conversation with John Pannozo, Founder and CEO of ColorByte Software, about the latest version of ImagePrint.